FRP Counter Flow Cooling Towers

General Features

Better performance is achieved with using counterflow cooling tower compared to crossflow cooling tower. Air and water contact with each other by 180 degree in counterflow cooling tower. It provides more efficient heat transfer from water to air. 

Additionally, pumping head is an important parameter in terms of energy saving especially in large scale applications. When comparing pumping heads in cross and counter flow towers, it is obvious that counter flow tower is better. In the last decade, interest has been increasing to counterflow cooling towers. In recent years, FRP structured counter flow cooling tower is the most preferred cooling tower types. The most important advantage of FRP cooling tower is resistant to destructive effects of air and the sun. There is no risk for corrosion. Despite of steel, wood or concrete structured cooling towers wear out over years, GRP structured cooling towers do not wear out. The other unique advantage of GRP profiles is to be lightweight. It provides process of assemble easier. In the manufacturing process of FRP profiles, different type of polyester materials can be used that make FRP profiles withstand extreme corrosive enviroments such as seawater. Counter-flow FRP cooling towers are used in all major sectors such as Energy Plant, Iron-Steel Factory, Food Factory. 

The design of FRP Cooling Towers requires experience and exhaustivestatic calculations. Cooling towers are with same dimensions but different construction design do not have same static characteristics. Cooling towers that are not designed properly might collapse partially or completely over time. Our company report the weight of FRP profiles to our valued customers that will be used for construction of proposed cooling tower while in bidding stage. You can easily notice that our company design our cooling tower with proper design when you compare this information with another company’s offer.


Main Construction:  FRP

Cladding:  FRP

Water Distrubition: FRP or PVC

Louver: FRP or PVC

Fill: PVC or PP

Drift Eliminator: PVC or PP

Nozzles  PP

Fan Deck: FRP

Fan Stack: FRP

Hardware: AISI 304 or AISI 316

Staircase: FRP or Steel