Wood Counterflow Cooling Tower

General Features

Treated timber is the first construction material used on cooling tower. In recent years, FRP has taken its place. Treated timber get damaged due to corrosion effects of water, sun and atmospheric conditions over years. To prevent this wear out, maintenance and renovation is required at specific period. Because of heavy weight of timber profiles, process of assemble is more difficult. This leads to increase in labor costs. Due to these negative properties of timber, 

FRP structured cooling towers are more preferred. Our company is capable to manufacture and install treated timber structured cooling towers with the demands of our customers.


Main Construction: Treated timber 

Cladding: FRP 
Water Distrubition: FRP or PVC
Louver: FRP or PVC 
Fill: PVC or PP 
Drift Eliminator: PVC or PP Nozzles PP 
Fan Deck: Treated timber
Fan Stack: FRP 
Hardware: AISI 304 or AISI 316 
Staircase: FRP or steel