Concrete Counterflow Cooling Towers

General Features

On the one hand reinforced concrete cooling towers are cheaper than FRP cooling towers one the other hand construction work of concrete cooling towers has longer construction duration. In addition to this other types of cooling towers are portable but it is impossible to move concrete towers. Internal surface of concrete cooling towers wear out due to corrosive effects of water. It is required to renovation and maintenance periodically. Our company is capable to calculate static of concrete cooling towers with its projects.


Main Construction:  Concrete

Cladding:  FRP

Water Distrubition: FRP or PVC

Louver: FRP or PVC

Fill: PVC or PP

Drift Eliminator: PVC or PP

Nozzles  PP

Fan Deck: Concrete

Fan Stack: FRP

Hardware: AISI 304 or AISI 316

Staircase: FRP or steel