Wood Crossflow Cooling Towers

General Features

The heat transfer are performed while air and water intersect each other by diagonally in a cross-flow cooling tower. This type of cooling towers are the first design in cooling tower technology. Because of better performance, counter flow cooling towers are preferred instead of cross-flow cooling towers are most preferred cross-flow cooling tower types. With the request of our customers, we are capable to design, manufacture and install with our rich project library.


Main Construction: Treated timber

Cladding: FRP 

Water Distrubition: FRP or PVC 

Louver: FRP or PVC Fill: PVC or PP 

Drift Eliminator: PVC or PP 

Nozzles PP 

Fan Deck: Treated timber 

Fan Stack: FRP 

Hardware: AISI 304 or AISI 316 

Staircase: FRP or steel