ODIN Series Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

General Features

ODIN Serie fill added closed circuit cooling towers are the most effective closed circuit cooling tower solution in limited area.

With the cooling fills, the maximum heat transfer area between the air and the circulating water is created, while the steel coil prevents the atmospheric air from interfering with the system water.


1-Structure and External Casing

 CCCT-type closed circuit cooling towers are designed to realize the optimum cooling. The tower main structure is made of hot dip galvanized steel,water basin fan deck and fan stack are made of GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester). The cooling tower body is made of GRP panels. The internal and external surface of the tower is from Gel-Coat material which is resistant against all weather conditions and UV-rays, non-fading, non-rotting, which is colored with polyester based pigments. 


 2-Heat Exchanger Coil 

The coils are built in steel of first quality and tested with air at 24 bars under water and galvanized after fabrication. 

3-Fan Section  

The fan blades with aerodynamically developed shape are designed in order to ensure a quiet operation. They are manually adjustable for pitch while at rest and are simply assembled to the hub by means of U-shaped bolts. Fan blades are manufactured of extruded Aluminium. IP55 degrees of protection,F isolation class,B temperature rise class 3phase,50 or 60 Hz direct drive motor and direct drive geared motors are used in our all models.Thats why there are no risks for belts breaking. 


 4-Water Distribution System

 An optimised water distribution well adapted to the coil is the key element of the thermal performance. Cenk performed extensive research in that purpose.The water distribution system consists of a main collectors and secondary pipes which are made of PVC. The distribution system allows uniform wetting of the coil. Spray nozzles are made of glass reinforced polyamide which has high resistance to a large range of chemicals,low clogging and scaling tendency,easy installation on to the piping system and easy removable.


 5-Drift Eliminators 

Sinusoidal wave type drift eliminator of PVC shall be provided in order to remove the water droplets from the exhaust air. The circulating water losses will be reduced to %0,002 of the water flow at design point. 


6-Water Basin

 Water basin is made of GRP(Glass Reinforced Polyester) that’s why it is non corroding and light weight.External surface of the basin is from Gel-Coat material which is resistant against all weather conditions and UV-rays Basin section includes,make up,overflow and drain valves.


 7-Centrifugal Pump 

Close coupled,volute casing,end suction,single stage centrifugal pumps with closed impellers are used in our all models. Optional Supplies The following optional equipments are available for all models; -AISI 304L Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Coils are used if aggressive environments conditions or corrosive spray water or demineralized water use in process. -Low noise fans -Two speed electric motor -Electronic water level controller -Electric heater for prevent freezing the water basin



PVC film type fillings are made of thermoformed PVC sheets, to obtain maximum cooling surface and minimum air resistance. The flute size is 18,5 mm. 

Technical Documents